Hospitals are in a unique group when it comes to energy consumption. Emergency Room equipment and services makes some of the more common methods of sustainability impossible.

Fortunately, there are still valuable ways for hospitals to decrease energy consumption. Energy savings to a hospital translates into a greater amount of valuable funds that can be reallocated to other areas.

Most schools in America are playing an integral part in the sustainability movement. Through mandatory sustainability classes for students and various committees dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint, schools and universities are beginning to prepare the next generation to inherit our world.

In order to do this effectively, schools must be able to illustrate the practical steps they have taken towards energy savings and efficiency. Benchmarking and energy analysis is irreplaceable in institutions that set the example for America’s future.

Commercial Buildings
A high ENERGY STAR score raises the value and income of a commercial building, making it a premier location for professionals. Leasing a space at an energy conscious building enables your company to participate in this powerful movement towards a better, stronger America.

When your building begins benchmarking, a world of tax breaks, rental opportunities, and additional income may be opened up to you.

The hospitality industry spends over $7.5 billion on energy each year. Reducing energy use by 10 percent across the industry could save $750 million, and help reduce U.S. greenhouse gas emissions by 6 million tons. With strategic improvements in energy efficiency can cut utility costs by 10–30 percent without sacrificing service, quality, style, or comfort.

Managing and controlling energy better will reduce energy costs and help increase competitiveness and profitability for hotels.

Why Benchmark

Within the last 5 years, benchmarking has become one of the major ways our nation is able to more efficiently utilize our resources.

  • In April, 2015, a bill was passed to promote benchmarking and energy-use disclosure.
  • Most buildings know they are spending more than necessary on their energy, but don’t know why.
  • Benchmarked buildings save an average of 7% in energy over 3 years



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